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A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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flecs::query< Components > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for flecs::query< Components >:
flecs::query_base flecs::iterable< Components... >

Public Member Functions

flecs::world world () const
 query_base ()
 query_base (world_t *world, query_t *query=nullptr)
 query_base (world_t *world, ecs_query_desc_t *desc)
- Public Member Functions inherited from flecs::query_base
 query_base (world_t *world, query_t *query=nullptr)
 query_base (world_t *world, ecs_query_desc_t *desc)
 operator query_t * () const
bool changed () const
 Returns whether the query data changed since the last iteration. More...
bool orphaned () const
 Returns whether query is orphaned. More...
const flecs::query_group_info_tgroup_info (uint64_t group_id) const
 Get info for group. More...
void * group_ctx (uint64_t group_id) const
 Get context for group. More...
void destruct ()
 Free the query. More...
template<typename Func >
void each_term (const Func &func) const
filter_base filter () const
flecs::term term (int32_t index) const
int32_t field_count () const
flecs::string str () const
flecs::entity entity () const
 operator query () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from flecs::iterable< Components... >
void each (Func &&func) const
 Each iterator. More...
void each (flecs::world_t *world, Func &&func) const
void each (flecs::iter &it, Func &&func) const
void each (flecs::entity e, Func &&func) const
void iter (Func &&func) const
 Iter iterator. More...
void iter (flecs::world_t *world, Func &&func) const
void iter (flecs::iter &it, Func &&func) const
void iter (flecs::entity e, Func &&func) const
iter_iterable< Components... > iter (flecs::world_t *world=nullptr) const
 Create iterator. More...
page_iterable< Components... > page (int32_t offset, int32_t limit)
 Page iterator. More...
worker_iterable< Components... > worker (int32_t index, int32_t count)
 Worker iterator. More...
int32_t count () const
 Return number of entities matched by iterable. More...
bool is_true () const
 Return whether iterable has any matches. More...
flecs::entity first () const
 Return first entity matched by iterable. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from flecs::iterable< Components... >
virtual ecs_iter_t get_iter (flecs::world_t *stage) const=0
virtual ecs_iter_next_action_t next_action () const=0
virtual ecs_iter_next_action_t next_each_action () const=0
void iterate (flecs::world_t *stage, Func &&func, NextFunc next, Args &&... args) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from flecs::query_base
world_t * m_world
query_t * m_query
- Protected Attributes inherited from flecs::iterable< Components... >
friend iter_iterable< Components... >
friend page_iterable< Components... >
friend worker_iterable< Components... >

Detailed Description

template<typename ... Components>
struct flecs::query< Components >

Definition at line 142 of file impl.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ query_base() [1/3]

template<typename ... Components>
flecs::query_base::query_base ( )

Definition at line 17 of file impl.hpp.

◆ query_base() [2/3]

template<typename ... Components>
flecs::query_base::query_base ( world_t *  world,
ecs_query_desc_t desc 

Definition at line 25 of file impl.hpp.

◆ query_base() [3/3]

template<typename ... Components>
flecs::query_base::query_base ( world_t *  world,
query_t *  query = nullptr 

Definition at line 21 of file impl.hpp.

◆ world()

template<typename ... Components>
flecs::world flecs::query< Components >::world ( ) const

Definition at line 144 of file impl.hpp.

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