Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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ecs_unit_desc_t Struct Reference

Used with ecs_unit_init. More...

#include <meta.h>

Public Attributes

ecs_entity_t entity
 Existing entity to associate with unit (optional) More...
const char * symbol
 Unit symbol, e.g. More...
ecs_entity_t quantity
 Unit quantity, e.g. More...
ecs_entity_t base
 Base unit, e.g. More...
ecs_entity_t over
 Over unit, e.g. More...
ecs_unit_translation_t translation
 Translation to apply to derived unit (optional) More...
ecs_entity_t prefix
 Prefix indicating order of magnitude relative to the derived unit. More...

Detailed Description

Used with ecs_unit_init.

Definition at line 825 of file meta.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ base

ecs_entity_t ecs_unit_desc_t::base

Base unit, e.g.

"meters" (optional)

Definition at line 836 of file meta.h.

◆ entity

ecs_entity_t ecs_unit_desc_t::entity

Existing entity to associate with unit (optional)

Definition at line 827 of file meta.h.

◆ over

ecs_entity_t ecs_unit_desc_t::over

Over unit, e.g.

"per second" (optional)

Definition at line 839 of file meta.h.

◆ prefix

ecs_entity_t ecs_unit_desc_t::prefix

Prefix indicating order of magnitude relative to the derived unit.

If set together with "translation", the values must match. If translation is not set, setting prefix will autopopulate it. Additionally, setting the prefix will enforce that the symbol (if set) is consistent with the prefix symbol + symbol of the derived unit. If the symbol is not set, it will be auto populated.

Definition at line 850 of file meta.h.

◆ quantity

ecs_entity_t ecs_unit_desc_t::quantity

Unit quantity, e.g.

distance, percentage, weight. (optional)

Definition at line 833 of file meta.h.

◆ symbol

const char* ecs_unit_desc_t::symbol

Unit symbol, e.g.

"m", "%", "g". (optional)

Definition at line 830 of file meta.h.

◆ translation

ecs_unit_translation_t ecs_unit_desc_t::translation

Translation to apply to derived unit (optional)

Definition at line 842 of file meta.h.

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