Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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pipeline.h File Reference

Pipeline module. More...

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struct  ecs_pipeline_desc_t


#define ECS_PIPELINE_DEFINE(world, id_, ...)
#define ECS_PIPELINE(world, id, ...)
#define ecs_pipeline(world, ...)    ecs_pipeline_init(world, &(ecs_pipeline_desc_t) __VA_ARGS__ )


typedef struct ecs_pipeline_desc_t ecs_pipeline_desc_t


FLECS_API ecs_entity_t ecs_pipeline_init (ecs_world_t *world, const ecs_pipeline_desc_t *desc)
 Create a custom pipeline.
FLECS_API void ecs_set_pipeline (ecs_world_t *world, ecs_entity_t pipeline)
 Set a custom pipeline.
FLECS_API ecs_entity_t ecs_get_pipeline (const ecs_world_t *world)
 Get the current pipeline.
FLECS_API bool ecs_progress (ecs_world_t *world, ecs_ftime_t delta_time)
 Progress a world.
FLECS_API void ecs_set_time_scale (ecs_world_t *world, ecs_ftime_t scale)
 Set time scale.
FLECS_API void ecs_reset_clock (ecs_world_t *world)
 Reset world clock.
FLECS_API void ecs_run_pipeline (ecs_world_t *world, ecs_entity_t pipeline, ecs_ftime_t delta_time)
 Run pipeline.
FLECS_API void ecs_set_threads (ecs_world_t *world, int32_t threads)
 Set number of worker threads.
FLECS_API void ecs_set_task_threads (ecs_world_t *world, int32_t task_threads)
 Set number of worker task threads.
FLECS_API bool ecs_using_task_threads (ecs_world_t *world)
 Returns true if task thread use have been requested.
FLECS_API void FlecsPipelineImport (ecs_world_t *world)

Detailed Description

Pipeline module.

The pipeline module provides support for running systems automatically and on multiple threads. A pipeline is a collection of tags that can be added to systems. When ran, a pipeline will query for all systems that have the tags that belong to a pipeline, and run them.

The module defines a number of builtin tags (EcsPreUpdate, EcsOnUpdate, EcsPostUpdate etc.) that are registered with the builtin pipeline. The builtin pipeline is ran by default when calling ecs_progress(). An application can set a custom pipeline with the ecs_set_pipeline() function.

Definition in file pipeline.h.