Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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decl.hpp File Reference

Meta declarations. More...

#include "cursor.hpp"
#include "opaque.hpp"

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struct  flecs::bitmask
 Base type for bitmasks. More...


using flecs::bool_t = ecs_bool_t
using flecs::char_t = ecs_char_t
using flecs::u8_t = ecs_u8_t
using flecs::u16_t = ecs_u16_t
using flecs::u32_t = ecs_u32_t
using flecs::u64_t = ecs_u64_t
using flecs::uptr_t = ecs_uptr_t
using flecs::i8_t = ecs_i8_t
using flecs::i16_t = ecs_i16_t
using flecs::i32_t = ecs_i32_t
using flecs::i64_t = ecs_i64_t
using flecs::iptr_t = ecs_iptr_t
using flecs::f32_t = ecs_f32_t
using flecs::f64_t = ecs_f64_t
using flecs::member_t = ecs_member_t
using flecs::enum_constant_t = ecs_enum_constant_t
using flecs::bitmask_constant_t = ecs_bitmask_constant_t
using flecs::MetaType = EcsMetaType
using flecs::MetaTypeSerialized = EcsMetaTypeSerialized
using flecs::Primitive = EcsPrimitive
using flecs::Enum = EcsEnum
using flecs::Bitmask = EcsBitmask
using flecs::Member = EcsMember
using flecs::Struct = EcsStruct
using flecs::Array = EcsArray
using flecs::Vector = EcsVector
using flecs::Unit = EcsUnit
using flecs::meta::type_kind_t = ecs_type_kind_t
using flecs::meta::primitive_kind_t = ecs_primitive_kind_t


void flecs::meta::_::init (flecs::world &world)

Detailed Description

Meta declarations.

Definition in file decl.hpp.