Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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C++ APIs for addons. More...

Collaboration diagram for Addons:


 Logging functions.
 Alert implementation.
 Optional addon for running the main application loop.
 Utilities for documenting entities, components and systems.
 API for emitting events.
 Functions for serializing to/from JSON.
 Flecs reflection framework.
 The metrics module extracts metrics from components and makes them available through a unified component interface.
 Modules organize components, systems and more in reusable units of code.
 The monitor addon periodically tracks statistics for the world and systems.
 Pipelines order and schedule systems for execution.
 Data definition format for loading entity data.
 REST API for querying and mutating entities.
 Rules are an advanced query engine for matching against entity graphs.
 Save & restore world.
 Systems are a query + function that can be ran manually or by a pipeline.
 Run systems at a time interval.
 Common unit annotations for reflection framework.

Detailed Description

C++ APIs for addons.