Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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API types

Public API types. More...

Collaboration diagram for API types:


 Core API Types
 Types for core API objects.
 Function types.
 Function callback types.
 Poly mixin types.
 Mixin types for poly mechanism.
 Query descriptor types.
 Types used to describe queries.
 Miscellaneous types
 Types used to create entities, observers, queries and more.
 Builtin component types.
 Types that represent builtin components.


struct  ecs_type_hooks_t
 Type that contains component lifecycle callbacks. More...
struct  ecs_type_info_t
 Type that contains component information (passed to ctors/dtors/...) More...
struct  ecs_entity_desc_t
 Used with ecs_entity_init(). More...
struct  ecs_bulk_desc_t
 Used with ecs_bulk_init(). More...
struct  ecs_component_desc_t
 Used with ecs_component_init(). More...
struct  ecs_filter_desc_t
 Used with ecs_filter_init(). More...
struct  ecs_query_desc_t
 Used with ecs_query_init(). More...
struct  ecs_observer_desc_t
 Used with ecs_observer_init(). More...
struct  ecs_event_desc_t
 Used with ecs_emit(). More...

Detailed Description

Public API types.