Flecs v3.2
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enum.hpp File Reference

Compile time enum reflection utilities. More...

#include <string.h>
#include <limits>
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struct  flecs::_::to_constant< E, Value >
struct  flecs::enum_last< E >
struct  flecs::_::enum_is_valid< E, C >
struct  flecs::_::enum_constant_data< T >
 Enumeration constant data. More...
struct  flecs::_::enum_reflection< E, Handler >
 Provides utilities for enum reflection. More...
struct  flecs::_::enum_data_impl< E >
 Enumeration type data. More...
struct  flecs::_::enum_type< E >
 Class that scans an enum for constants, extracts names & creates entities. More...
struct  flecs::enum_data< E >
 Convenience type with enum reflection data. More...


namespace  flecs::_
 Int to enum.


#define FLECS_ENUM_MAX(T)   _::to_constant<T, 128>::value
#define FLECS_ENUM_LAST(T, Last)
#define ECS_SIZE_T_STR   "constexpr size_t; size_t = long unsigned int"


template<typename E >
constexpr size_t flecs::_::enum_type_len ()
template<typename E , E C>
constexpr bool flecs::_::enum_constant_is_valid ()
 Test if value is valid for enumeration.
template<typename E >
enum_data< E > flecs::enum_type (flecs::world_t *world)
 Convenience function for getting enum reflection data.

Detailed Description

Compile time enum reflection utilities.

Discover at compile time valid enumeration constants for an enumeration type and their names. This is used to automatically register enum constants.

Definition in file enum.hpp.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ECS_SIZE_T_STR   "constexpr size_t; size_t = long unsigned int"

Definition at line 81 of file enum.hpp.



Definition at line 23 of file enum.hpp.


#define FLECS_ENUM_LAST ( T,
Last )
namespace flecs {\
struct enum_last<T> {\
static constexpr T value = Last;\

Definition at line 58 of file enum.hpp.


#define FLECS_ENUM_MAX ( T)    _::to_constant<T, 128>::value

Definition at line 12 of file enum.hpp.



Definition at line 13 of file enum.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ enum_type()

template<typename E >
enum_data< E > flecs::enum_type ( flecs::world_t * world)

Convenience function for getting enum reflection data.

Definition at line 486 of file enum.hpp.