Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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Frame functions


float ecs_frame_begin (ecs_world_t *world, float delta_time)
 Begin frame. More...
void ecs_frame_end (ecs_world_t *world)
 End frame. More...
void ecs_run_post_frame (ecs_world_t *world, ecs_fini_action_t action, void *ctx)
 Register action to be executed once after frame. More...
void ecs_quit (ecs_world_t *world)
 Signal exit This operation signals that the application should quit. More...
bool ecs_should_quit (const ecs_world_t *world)
 Return whether a quit has been signaled. More...
void ecs_measure_frame_time (ecs_world_t *world, bool enable)
 Measure frame time. More...
void ecs_measure_system_time (ecs_world_t *world, bool enable)
 Measure system time. More...
void ecs_set_target_fps (ecs_world_t *world, float fps)
 Set target frames per second (FPS) for application. More...

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ ecs_frame_begin()

float ecs_frame_begin ( ecs_world_t world,
float  delta_time 

Begin frame.

When an application does not use ecs_progress to control the main loop, it can still use Flecs features such as FPS limiting and time measurements. This operation needs to be invoked whenever a new frame is about to get processed.

Calls to ecs_frame_begin must always be followed by ecs_frame_end.

The function accepts a delta_time parameter, which will get passed to systems. This value is also used to compute the amount of time the function needs to sleep to ensure it does not exceed the target_fps, when it is set. When 0 is provided for delta_time, the time will be measured.

This function should only be ran from the main thread.

worldThe world.
delta_timeTime elapsed since the last frame.
The provided delta_time, or measured time if 0 was provided.

◆ ecs_frame_end()

void ecs_frame_end ( ecs_world_t world)

End frame.

This operation must be called at the end of the frame, and always after ecs_frame_begin.

worldThe world.

◆ ecs_measure_frame_time()

void ecs_measure_frame_time ( ecs_world_t world,
bool  enable 

Measure frame time.

Frame time measurements measure the total time passed in a single frame, and how much of that time was spent on systems and on merging.

Frame time measurements add a small constant-time overhead to an application. When an application sets a target FPS, frame time measurements are enabled by default.

worldThe world.
enableWhether to enable or disable frame time measuring.

◆ ecs_measure_system_time()

void ecs_measure_system_time ( ecs_world_t world,
bool  enable 

Measure system time.

System time measurements measure the time spent in each system.

System time measurements add overhead to every system invocation and therefore have a small but measurable impact on application performance. System time measurements must be enabled before obtaining system statistics.

worldThe world.
enableWhether to enable or disable system time measuring.

◆ ecs_quit()

void ecs_quit ( ecs_world_t world)

Signal exit This operation signals that the application should quit.

It will cause ecs_progress to return false.

worldThe world to quit.

◆ ecs_run_post_frame()

void ecs_run_post_frame ( ecs_world_t world,
ecs_fini_action_t  action,
void *  ctx 

Register action to be executed once after frame.

Post frame actions are typically used for calling operations that cannot be invoked during iteration, such as changing the number of threads.

worldThe world.
actionThe function to execute.
ctxUserdata to pass to the function

◆ ecs_set_target_fps()

void ecs_set_target_fps ( ecs_world_t world,
float  fps 

Set target frames per second (FPS) for application.

Setting the target FPS ensures that ecs_progress is not invoked faster than the specified FPS. When enabled, ecs_progress tracks the time passed since the last invocation, and sleeps the remaining time of the frame (if any).

This feature ensures systems are ran at a consistent interval, as well as conserving CPU time by not running systems more often than required.

Note that ecs_progress only sleeps if there is time left in the frame. Both time spent in flecs as time spent outside of flecs are taken into account.

worldThe world.
fpsThe target FPS.

◆ ecs_should_quit()

bool ecs_should_quit ( const ecs_world_t world)

Return whether a quit has been signaled.

worldThe world.