Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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Simple HTTP server used for serving up REST API. More...

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struct  ecs_http_connection_t
 A connection manages communication with the remote host. More...
struct  ecs_http_key_value_t
 Helper type used for headers & URL query parameters. More...
struct  ecs_http_request_t
 A request. More...
struct  ecs_http_reply_t
 A reply. More...
struct  ecs_http_server_desc_t
 Used with ecs_http_server_init(). More...


#define FLECS_HTTP_H
#define ECS_HTTP_REPLY_INIT    (ecs_http_reply_t){200, ECS_STRBUF_INIT, "OK", "application/json", ECS_STRBUF_INIT}


typedef struct ecs_http_server_t ecs_http_server_t
 HTTP server.
typedef bool(* ecs_http_reply_action_t) (const ecs_http_request_t *request, ecs_http_reply_t *reply, void *ctx)
 Request callback.


enum  ecs_http_method_t {
  EcsHttpGet , EcsHttpPost , EcsHttpPut , EcsHttpDelete ,
  EcsHttpOptions , EcsHttpMethodUnsupported
 Supported request methods. More...


FLECS_API ecs_http_server_tecs_http_server_init (const ecs_http_server_desc_t *desc)
 Create server.
FLECS_API void ecs_http_server_fini (ecs_http_server_t *server)
 Destroy server.
FLECS_API int ecs_http_server_start (ecs_http_server_t *server)
 Start server.
FLECS_API void ecs_http_server_dequeue (ecs_http_server_t *server, ecs_ftime_t delta_time)
 Process server requests.
FLECS_API void ecs_http_server_stop (ecs_http_server_t *server)
 Stop server.
FLECS_API int ecs_http_server_http_request (ecs_http_server_t *srv, const char *req, ecs_size_t len, ecs_http_reply_t *reply_out)
 Emulate a request.
FLECS_API int ecs_http_server_request (ecs_http_server_t *srv, const char *method, const char *req, ecs_http_reply_t *reply_out)
 Convenience wrapper around ecs_http_server_http_request().
FLECS_API void * ecs_http_server_ctx (ecs_http_server_t *srv)
 Get context provided in ecs_http_server_desc_t.
FLECS_API const char * ecs_http_get_header (const ecs_http_request_t *req, const char *name)
 Find header in request.
FLECS_API const char * ecs_http_get_param (const ecs_http_request_t *req, const char *name)
 Find query parameter in request.


int64_t ecs_http_request_received_count
int64_t ecs_http_request_invalid_count
int64_t ecs_http_request_handled_ok_count
int64_t ecs_http_request_handled_error_count
int64_t ecs_http_request_not_handled_count
int64_t ecs_http_request_preflight_count
int64_t ecs_http_send_ok_count
int64_t ecs_http_send_error_count
int64_t ecs_http_busy_count

Detailed Description

Simple HTTP server used for serving up REST API.

Macro Definition Documentation



Definition at line 38 of file http.h.



Definition at line 41 of file http.h.


#define ECS_HTTP_REPLY_INIT    (ecs_http_reply_t){200, ECS_STRBUF_INIT, "OK", "application/json", ECS_STRBUF_INIT}

Definition at line 99 of file http.h.


#define FLECS_HTTP_H

Definition at line 35 of file http.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ecs_http_reply_action_t

typedef bool(* ecs_http_reply_action_t) (const ecs_http_request_t *request, ecs_http_reply_t *reply, void *ctx)

Request callback.

Invoked for each valid request. The function should populate the reply and return true. When the function returns false, the server will reply with a 404 (Not found) code.

Definition at line 117 of file http.h.

◆ ecs_http_server_t

HTTP server.

Definition at line 48 of file http.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ecs_http_method_t

Supported request methods.

Definition at line 66 of file http.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ecs_http_get_header()

FLECS_API const char * ecs_http_get_header ( const ecs_http_request_t * req,
const char * name )

Find header in request.

reqThe request.
namename of the header to find
The header value, or NULL if not found.

◆ ecs_http_get_param()

FLECS_API const char * ecs_http_get_param ( const ecs_http_request_t * req,
const char * name )

Find query parameter in request.

reqThe request.
nameThe parameter name.
The decoded parameter value, or NULL if not found.

◆ ecs_http_server_dequeue()

FLECS_API void ecs_http_server_dequeue ( ecs_http_server_t * server,
ecs_ftime_t delta_time )

Process server requests.

This operation invokes the reply callback for each received request. No new requests will be enqueued while processing requests.

serverThe server for which to process requests.

◆ ecs_http_server_fini()

FLECS_API void ecs_http_server_fini ( ecs_http_server_t * server)

Destroy server.

This operation will stop the server if it was still running.

serverThe server to destroy.

◆ ecs_http_server_http_request()

FLECS_API int ecs_http_server_http_request ( ecs_http_server_t * srv,
const char * req,
ecs_size_t len,
ecs_http_reply_t * reply_out )

Emulate a request.

The request string must be a valid HTTP request. A minimal example:

GET /entity/flecs/core/World?label=true HTTP/1.1
srvThe server.
reqThe request.
lenThe length of the request (optional).
The reply.

◆ ecs_http_server_init()

FLECS_API ecs_http_server_t * ecs_http_server_init ( const ecs_http_server_desc_t * desc)

Create server.

Use ecs_http_server_start() to start receiving requests.

descServer configuration parameters.
The new server, or NULL if creation failed.

◆ ecs_http_server_start()

FLECS_API int ecs_http_server_start ( ecs_http_server_t * server)

Start server.

After this operation the server will be able to accept requests.

serverThe server to start.
Zero if successful, non-zero if failed.

◆ ecs_http_server_stop()

FLECS_API void ecs_http_server_stop ( ecs_http_server_t * server)

Stop server.

After this operation no new requests can be received.

serverThe server.