Flecs v3.2
A fast entity component system (ECS) for C & C++
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impl.hpp File Reference

Filter implementation. More...

#include "builder.hpp"
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struct  flecs::filter_base
struct  flecs::filter< Components >
struct  flecs::_::filter_delegate_w_ent< Func, arg_list< E, Args ... > >
struct  flecs::_::filter_delegate_no_ent< Func, arg_list< Args ... > >
struct  flecs::_::filter_delegate< Func, if_t< is_same< first_arg_t< Func >, flecs::entity >::value > >
struct  flecs::_::filter_delegate< Func, if_not_t< is_same< first_arg_t< Func >, flecs::entity >::value > >


namespace  flecs::_
 Int to enum.

Detailed Description

Filter implementation.

Definition in file impl.hpp.